Introducing… Newtecnic

Newtecnic are façade designers at Perseverance Works. They work on ambitious projects with architects, engineers and manufacturers to help realise the design and construction of facades.

About half of Newtecnic’s work is manufacturing-based. The remainder of their time is spent devising façade systems from sketches provided by architects or manufacturers. As facade designers, Newtecnic typically works as specialist consultants providing services which are separate from, and additional to, services provided by architects.

Newtecnic facade designers

Newtecnic facade designers


The production of full size mock-ups is a crucial part of Newtecnic’s work. It’s a proof of concept at the mid-stage of a project, before tender bids are obtained for construction.

The team likes to work with visual ideas that are supported by engineering analysis and technical development, all from the early stages of the process of designing ambitious buildings. Using 3D modelling (not 2D drafting) Newtecnic investigates material systems for use in facades.Working with both design teams and facade contractors, Newtecnic exchanges information through digital files that can be integrated into the workflow of other members of the design team.

The team is comprised of 20 people from architecture and engineering. Newtecnic are the authors of textbooks on facade design and detailing, published by both Springer Wien New York, and the RIBA, from systems developed by the company.