Introducing Bird


We’d like to introduce ourselves. You may have noticed the building works happening at the former ‘Anda da Bridge’ site at number 42-44. That’s us, we are a new restaurant that has taken over the site and will begin fitting out the interior at the beginning of February.

‘Bird’ is a new restaurant focusing on free range fried chicken and local craft beers. We were inspired by some great local community restaurants in Brooklyn and Chicago and decided to launch our own distinctly British version in London. We will offer an all-day menu including hot fresh doughnuts in the mornings.

We have drawn on the world class East End design community for all our communications and the redesign of the space, and we’re proud to be sympathetically returning such a great building to its former glory.

All of us at ‘Bird’ look forward to engaging with local people living and working in the area. We aim to offer you a great product, one that you enjoy, and we are keen to foster an open dialogue with the people who live and work nearby – our customers.

We’d like to reassure those concerned that in contrast to the previous occupier, ‘Bird’ is an inclusive, family friendly restaurant. We intend to open from around 8am – for doughnuts and coffee, through to midnight. The alcohol offering is ancillary to food, and we will not be associated with any ‘late night’ behaviour which local residents had to put up with in the past.

Our intention is that this is an exciting new restaurant for the area, we hope you agree.

We look forward to inviting you to our opening in early April.

The Bird team can be reached at any time through Paul King.