PW to welcome new sculpture

The Perseverance Works courtyard could soon be home to one of East London’s well-known sculptures.

Red Church by Eleonora Aguiari has stood in Spitalfields since its creation by Sculpture Factory, a tenant of Perseverance Works, but the local council has decided it’s time for a change. Based on the nearby façade of Hawksmoor’s church, the vibrant red cut-out is now looking for a new home.

Born in 1969, Aguiari is an Italian artist and author. She specialises in installations, the most famous of which saw an equestrian statue of Lord Napier wrapped in bright red tape. The artist’s authorised intervention in the British memorial landscape was part of her final show at the Royal College of Art in 2004. According to an earlier interview, Aguiari spurned subterfuge and specifically sought the approval of the relevant authorities in order to challenge historical institutions.

Perseverance Works is currently speaking to the artist and manager of the Spitalfields Development Group, which managed the installation, regarding the re-location of the statue to the PW courtyard. Look out for the next Works News, which will outline the project and invite tenants to submit their views on the possible installation.