Supporting blood donation at PW

Next week the blood donor van pitches up in the court yard again and with so many of us willing to do our bit on the day (the session is fully booked!) we thought we’d share how blood donations began at Perseverance Works.

Paul King felt inspired to give blood following a personal experience a few years ago when a relative received a life saving blood transfusion. For many of us when something happens to someone close to us, we are often compelled to think of ways of thanking or repaying those responsible for helping them, whether it be through donating money or even blood.

One session, as he waited to donate blood, PK noticed an advertisement for mobile blood banks; he knew instantly the idea would be a success with the lovely people of PW.

“The scheme wasn’t easy to put in place, we went through seemingly endless health and safety checks and regs ― but ultimately it was worth it to make donating easy for so many people who work here.”

The van’s presence in the court yard undoubtedly has an impact on us as we go about our working day and it’s pleasing to know the staff register a number of newbie donors each time they’re on site. Demand to donate is high and we’re proud to hear from the organisers the session is fully booked, so a big thank you to all those donating on the 15th.

We’re really keen to reach our target of 40 donors this time around and we’d like to remind you that if you’re unable to attend on the day, please speak to a member of the blood donation team so they can fill your slot. Many of those making a donation will have received a Donor Heath Check Questionnaire in the post and to save time on the day we’d ask that you fill in your form prior to your appointment. Donors, please remember to eat and drink plenty on the day, both before and after your donation.

The Blood Donation van

The Blood Donation van