Walk to work tomorrow (and earn free cake!)

For those inspired to live greener lifestyles and make the most of tomorrow’s promising weather (fingers crossed!) the Zero Emissions Network is encouraging people walk to work in Hackney.

Most of us are aware that the area surrounding the Perseverance Works site suffers from being one of the most polluted parts of the borough. The Walk to Work or School Day on 14 May aims to remind the people of Hackney that it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly and often quicker to walk to work!

Participants will be rewarded on the day with free coffee, tea or fruit from one of ten shops and cafés in Hackney, including Artisserie in Mare Street, Hoxton Hotel and Whole Foods Market in Stoke Newington. All participating shops and cafes can be found here.

To claim your Walk to Work or School reward you’ll need to get a code from the Move Greener team via one of the following methods:

Sending a direct message to @greenerhackney on Twitter,

emailing: movegreener@hackney.gov.uk

or calling the team on 020 8356 8470

Then simply use this code to claim your freebie in any one of the shops or cafes listed!

The Walk to School or Work day is part of National Walking Month run by Living Streets and we hope many of our lovely Perseverance Works people will take part!