Women’s Sports UK shoots video in courtyard

It was supposed to change our relationship with sport, both on and off the field.

But the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have done little to improve media coverage of women’s sport, despite the emergence of sporting superstars such as Jessica Ennis-Hill and Nicola Adams.

According to a study conducted by Birmingham University that compares reporting patterns before and after the 2012 Games, there has been no evidence of improvement in the print media despite organisers’ best intentions to inspire the population to take up sport.

But all that is set to change.

Women’s Sports UK is the brainchild of sports fan Sian Evans. Frustrated by the diminutive column width dedicated to women’s sport – too often an afterthought tacked on to a piece about male sport –  Sian realised there was a gap in the market. Women’s Sport UK wants to fill that gap, providing informative and reliable coverage of elite sport.

Jasmine Titmuss, ambassador for Women's Sports UK

Jasmine Titmuss, ambassador for Women’s Sports UK

Sian recently shot a short film at PW and spoke to Jasmine Titmuss, first team captain at Lancashire cricket women’s team. Edited by Sakky Barnor at Splice, with audio by LJC Audio Solutions, the video discussed the importance of ambassadors in women’s sport.

Women’s Sports UK initially covered rugby, football and cricket, but quickly expanded its focus to include netball. With plans to develop coverage even further, any future studies of media interest in women’s sport could paint a very different picture.