Perseverance Works online yoga classes

To help us maintain our zen through these odd times, we have moved the Perseverance Works yoga classes online, hosted through Zoom, and expanded the offering with three classes per week. In our first month, we had more than 200 yogis join 11 classes – even though we’re all physically distant, it’s been a great way to connect and bring people together.

How to sign up

If you are interested, email Kate at to join the yoga mailing list. Each week the registration links and class info will be sent out to the mailing list.

Classes are still priced at £5, however we are operating on the honour system and “take what you need, give what you can”, with Jamie and Kate giving you their time and energy. We know that money is tight for some right now, and it is important that you practice, regardless of your financial situation..

Please note that by joining our online classes you automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety. In the absence of a teacher physically present to advise, it is your duty to ensure that you stay within your physical limits.


Class schedule and descriptions


Mondays, 6.30 – 7.30pm (Kate)

Level 1 – 2 vinyasa yoga class. You can expect to play with some more advanced poses with options always given for those feeling less energetic.


Wednesdays, 12.45 – 1.30pm (Kate)

Lunchtime yoga. Move and breathe, get away from your desk for 45 minutes. All levels. (New to yoga? This class is a great place to start.)


Thursdays, 6.30 – 7.30pm (Jamie)

A dynamic yoga class, expect to work hard in accessible poses. (Take child’s pose when you need!)


Kate and Jamie are keen to hear your views on the class schedule. “We are just guessing at the ideal time-slots and days of the week for yoga! If you would like to see morning classes, different days, different times, different styles (even meditation!) please email and let us know. If there is enough interest, just about anything is possible,” said Kate.

Setting up for digital yoga

Most of us are joining from small flats in London, so as long as you can unroll your yoga mat, you have the required space. Check you won’t give yourself a concussion stepping to the top of your mat! And if possible, find a space where you can also reach your arms out wide to the side.

It’s great if you can practice with video on, it adds to a sense of community and helps Kate and Jamie check that everyone is following along! However, if this makes you deeply uncomfortable, don’t worry – it is not required.

Bring whatever props you might have, though none are necessary. A sturdy water bottle or a stack of books could substitute for a yoga brick; a pillow could understudy for a bolster. Use a scarf or actual belt instead of a strap.

Try to leave phones (and other distractions) in another room, or on silent. Create a calm space in which to focus on your practice.

Tailor your space to suit your practice style, with whatever lighting levels you prefer, and some ambient music if you enjoy practicing to that. Here are some playlists you might like:

Chilled out piano and ambient music is available here.

For something slightly more upbeat with Beach House, Sampha, Glass Animals and more, click here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kate at