A proposal for fibre access

Perseverance Works is in the heart of London’s Tech City and seeking to get world-class connectivity at competitive rates.  The lack of adequate connectivity is causing businesses to move out of Shoreditch, not move in.

We have outlined a problem statement and ambition in a presentation, which we think is consistent with the aims of the Secretary Of States desire and the Lord Mayors ambition for a thriving digital sector. Our particular issue we feel summarises both the challenge if not very frustrating situation many companies find themselves in.

The artisan by Allen Jones

Download “Fibre access at Perseverance Works and Printing House Yard”

In outlining our requirements for our group of 89 businesses we hope that DCMS (BDUK) GLA and Ofcom will use our application to progress the proposals for the national Urban Broadband Fund, while solving some of the bottlenecks and peculiarities identified as a means to identify solutions and policies that can be used nationally.

The particular format used here can by copied by others in London and other cities benefitting from the Urban Broadband Fund.  We would like to make as much material as possible available to other interested business communities in Shoreditch and beyond.  If any part of the responses are commercially sensitive, please highlight those parts so they can be excluded from publication.

The responses will be used to progress a tender if needed, or a full application to the BDUK/GLA Urban Broadband Fund.

For more information please download “Fibre access at Perseverance Works and Printing House Yard: a proposal“.