Perseverance Works - Unit 3

Sell! Sell!

3 Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London E2 7PR
Tel: +44 (0)207 0333 999

Hello there,

we’re a small strategic, creative and design studio run by Andy Palmer and Vic Polkinghorne.

We started out in some of London’s top creative agencies, working for years on clients like IKEA, Stella Artois, HSBC, Clarks, Boots & MTV. After a while we realised two things, the way those agencies charged for our time meant that only the highest-spending clients could ever get our thinking on their business, and that the processes that ad agencies have developed, and the way they are set-up, is actually counterproductive to the development of the strong strategic and creative work that their clients need. So that’s why we set up Sell! Sell!, and built a lean, mean, ideas machine that could provide first-class thinking and creative to the people who need it most: challenger brands, companies looking to scale-up ambitiously, brands that were less successful than they should be that need a shot in the arm, and charities and organisations that have modest budgets but big ambitions.