Locations at PW: Terms & Conditions

Before any photography or cinematography at Perseverance Works takes place there are a number of conditions that have to be observed by all photographers/production companies.

Please note that we always make a charge for the use of the court yard, surrounding areas and roof top at Unit 21 there are no exceptions.

You must produce in advance of the shoot your Public Liability / Third Party Insurance. If you intend to use our roof top space we will check with your insurance company that you are covered by their policy to work at height. The height of our roof is around 8 meters above ground level.

On production of the above documents we will ask you for a shot list and or method statement which should include the type of camera and lighting equipment you are intending on using in / on the common parts of Perseverance Works

We will then produce a menu of available cost options from your shot list.

Your shot lists needs to mention the specific areas you wish to use and the equipment you intend to use plus any specific requirements for your shoot /production such as props and set building.

When PWF Ltd has agreed your programme we can go ahead to contracts and advance payment payment.

All fees must be paid 48 hours in advance of shoot by BACs payment to Perseverance Works Freeholder Ltd, unless it is agreed in advance that your fee will be added to the bill of the studio you are hiring.

We do not allow client cabs/taxis waiting on site in the courtyard, Cabs collecting should wait on Tabernacal Gardens which is immediately  opposite our Hackney Road entrance or Columbia Rd

Sound recording. 

The recording of sound is undertaken at your own risk, Perseverance Works is a busy vibrant community situated around a courtyard, which at times amplifies and exaggerates day-to-day sound. Coupled with this is the fact that the buildings date back to Victorian times that means there is an almost continual and on going repairs and improvements programme. The directors of PWF Ltd accept no reasonability or liability for any person or organisation attempting to record sound for what ever purpose and will not suspend or delay any repair or improvement or delay the delivery of shareholders orders / supplies.

We do not allow production company staff to approach site contractors or shareholders asking for silence or a suspension of works / conversation

In the event of PWF Ltd agreeing to allow the use of common parts for film or photography this will be on a non-exclusive basis and costs may include the .
appointment of a location manager by PW to handle all necessary arrangements whose costs will be added to the final invoice.

Third party security companies

We do not allow any third party security companies or officers within our common parts and anybody thought to be additional security on the day will be asked to leave site.

The board of Perseverance Works Freeholders Ltd retain the right to cancel the shoot/filming at any time and without notice should they feel their terms and or any other agreement be seen to have been broken.

  • Location manager £250.00 per day.
  • Generator (less than 30 feet): £300.00 per day or part of day. (These units are single use vehicles only.)
  • We do not allow Generator carrier vehicles.
  • Small (Ford Escort size)van or  Lighting/camera car: £125.00 per day or part of day
  • Large Vans Transit or Luton Style up 3 tons  £175.00 per day or part day
  • Truck 7.5 ton  like an Iveco Eurocargo or similar. 8m in length, 3m in height. £200.00 per day or part day
  • Winnebago/Air Stream Location trucks (less than 30 feet): £300.00 per day or part of day
  • Lift gear, No diesel powered lifts or booms are permitted, electric power only
  • Scissor Lifts: £175.00 per day or part of day
  • Cherry pickers/crane: £175.00 per day or part of day
  • Lighting Scaffold Towers £125.00 per day or part of day
  • First Aid vehicles £100.00 per day or part of day
  • Outside lighting, one stand with one head/lamp / reflector / defuser on it £75.00 per day per stand
  • No additional or spare equipment to be stored in the courtyard or alleyways at any time.

All Charges are per day or part day 7am -7pm. Outside these hours there will be additional charges from Perseverance Works for such things as overnight shooting or parking

Perseverance Works Security Ltd charges at £45.00 per hour (minimum of 4 hours)

In addition to the courtyard, we have a 3000 sq foot roof space at the top of unit 21 with spectacular views of the city of London.

Filming and photography anywhere on the Perseverance Works site will/may incur a Location Management Fee, rights reserved to charge.

Note: Users of either the courtyard or roof space do so entirely at their own risk. The directors and Shareholders accept no liability for any damage to property or injury sustained.

Please contact Paul King:
Mobile: +44 (0) 786 053 8888
Email: paul-king-perseveranceworks@outlook.com