Glopho; the visual vox pop

Glopho - Make the News Euphoric images of the winning fans, destruction on debris-dusted streets or cats strapped to sushi. When it comes to the news, images often make a social commentary more succinctly and poignantly than the words of any broadcaster. And their effect has more longevity; who will forget the shocking footage of the Woolwich attackers? Still or moving, images bring the news to life.

Every day, we upload more than 300 million photographs to Facebook, sharing our lives with friends. And hidden among the jovial snaps of instagrammed brunches and skyline sunsets, most of us will find a snapshot that says ‘I was there’.

These captured moments are the visual equivalent of the broadcaster’s vox pop; a subjective take on an event as it unfurls. And that’s where Glopho steps in. The company gives us the metaphorical microphone and boom, transforming our snaps into headlines.

Glopho users upload an image via the website or app, and the crowd decides whether it is news or not. All images are easily shared via social media, but while they may go viral, the copyright remains firmly in the photographer’s hands. By turning its users into visual broadcasters, Glopho lets its users decide what’s worthy of the front page.

And for the more mercenary among us, the company offers a lucrative element. Acting as an intermediary, Glopho gives users the opportunity to make money from the events we capture. If Glopho sells your image, you get 50% of the proceeds.

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