On yer bike!

Earlier this year Perseverance Works partnered with Cylescheme allowing its employees to benefit from the scheme which aims to encourage us to cycle to work. Our favourite Security Manager, Khagen, jumped at the chance to sign up!

In short, the Cyclescheme allows businesses of all sizes to offer their employees the chance to hire a bicycle of their choice for a specified period of time (usually 12 months) at an affordable rate. The cyclist is then offered the opportunity to buy the bike at its retail value after the year is up. During the first twelve months the hire fee is taken directly from the employee’s salary prior to tax and N.I contributions, resulting in the employee paying less of both for that period!

Since acquiring his Cyclescheme bike, Khagen cycles the 25 miles round trip from his home in Morden to Persy Works. Aside from being more cost effective than public transport, Khagen sees health factors as the primary benefit of the Cyclescheme; he feels he’s in better shape, and relishes the fact he is able to incorporate exercise easily into his daily routine and avoid the dreaded gym!

Safety conscious Khagen says he’s planned and mapped out what he believes to the safest cycle route for his journey and keenly added that cycle clothing and equipment, such as helmets and lights, are also included on the scheme – a strong indication that the government scheme sets out to provide affordable access to everything needed by those wishing to cycle and promote safe cycling across the country.

According to PW’s very own cycle convert, the scheme is well worth doing — whether it be for financial reasons, physical health benefits or a mix of the two. He certainly seems chuffed with his brand new rent-a-bike!

We’d love to see other businesses in Perseverance Works and Printing House Yard join the Cyclescheme, especially given the high levels of pollution within Hackney, and help their staff get kitted out for the cycle commute! Let’s help make Shoreditch a zero emissions network.