Looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption?

Hackney ImpactSince its foundation seven years ago, the Green Business Action team have helped more than 600 SMEs to take business climate action, helping them to cut their energy bills by a total of £268,000. Now, they’d like to help tenants at PW to shrink emissions and reduce their bills.

How does it work?

Think of it as an energy health check. First, you’ll need to tell the team a bit about your property and your energy usage. Then, an energy consultant will visit your unit to see how you consume energy and where you might make savings. They’ll also review the communal areas to see how you might work together within the building to reduce energy consumption through shared heating and cooling systems, for example.

Your consultant will make recommendations based on your unit and your business; these might include the use of LED lighting, improved insulation, or the installation of double glazing.

Your bespoke report will also include costs, the estimated energy saving, carbon emissions savings, and a timeline of how long your investment in energy efficiency will take to pay off. It might even be the starting point for a longer-term carbon reduction plan for your business.

The consultants will also offer a public meeting for other shareholders in the building to address the recommendations for communal areas and answer any questions other tenants might have.

Grant funding

This programme is one of several free sustainability programmes across London. It forms part of the Hackney Impact project, which includes a £700,000 commitment to help local businesses become more energy efficient.

‘Some grant funding is also available from Hackney Council to help businesses to implement these technology changes,’ explains Colm Lynch, Business Energy & Sustainability Manager.  ‘At the moment, these range from £500-1500 per business, and we can talk you through the application process for the grant.’


If you’d like to learn more, please contact Gemma George or Marta Martinez with your name, company name and contact details, and help PW continue its mission to go green(er!).