Tower London announce partnership with basketball superstar Antetokounmpo

Tower London’s partnership with ANTETOKOUNBROS is rooted in a shared Greek heritage

Tower London has announced a new partnership with ANTETOKOUNBROS, a streetwear fashion brand run by the Antetokounmpo brothers Thanasis, Kostas, Alex and basketball superstar Giannis – one of the most decorated players in NBA history.

The partnership will see the companies collaborate on fashion, footwear, sport and retail, alongside appearances from the Antetokounmpo brothers at Tower events, participation in the launch of Tower London’s Soho store, and joint marketing endeavours.

This international collaboration is rooted in a shared Greek heritage. “We share the same values, principles, ethos and a deep appreciation for our family and Greek origins,” said Thanasis Antetokounmpo, who also plays basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks alongside his brother Giannis. “Inspired by a sense of brotherhood, we aspire to build not just a retail alliance but a dedicated supportive community hub where families and friends can connect, thrive, and find joy and support to build their legacy.”

Strengthening the partnership, Gerry and Yiannis Demopoulos, Tower directors, will join the ANTETOKOUNBROS board. “We are looking forward to working with the Antentokoumpo brothers and their fantastic team and shall be making further announcements re our planned initiatives and partnerships in the new year,” Gerry said.

Since its foundation as a small family-operated business in 1980, Tower London has grown into an award-winning independent footwear brand offering a curated selection of brands including New Balance, Dr. Marten’s, Clark’s Originals, Birkenstock, and Veja. The company moved to Perseverance Works in 2015, and has enjoyed having its HQ in the creative hub of London.

“PW is an oasis of a location bang in the heart of Shoredtich, home to a eclectic mix of businesses and enterpises. There’s a constant buzz and a real community spirit, and we’re very proud to reside here. I love coming in and working here personally, as do our team,” says Rink Bindra, Tower’s Head of Omni Channel. “Being in the fashion footwear industry we play host on a daily basis to many international footwear brands, and the one comment I hear consistently is ‘what a cool place to have an office!’”