Fancy £10 off your next sit-down lunch?

To mark the launch of HeyDiner, Perseverance Works tenants can use the code NEIGHBOUR to get £10 their first order.

HeyDiner lets you pick and pay for your food in advance so your meal at a nearby restaurant can be served on arrival. The Shoreditch-based company wants you to spend less time ordering and waiting for the bill, and more time eating your lunch out of the office.

Founders Chris and Martin both grew up in Germany, where most workers take a proper lunch break at a sit-down restaurant.

HeyDiner's Martin (left) and Chris (right)“Since coming to London eight years ago, we never really adapted to the British habit of eating lunch at your desk. But fitting a proper sit-down meal into our busy work schedules was always a challenge. We looked at the process of eating out and realised that the eating itself takes up the least amount of time; ordering, waiting and paying the bill is what makes the process so long,” explains Martin.

The entrepreneurs started their first business immediately after finishing university, and have since started several businesses since then – some more successful than others!

With restaurants including Amici Miei and Forge & Co. available on the site, HeyDiner makes it easier than ever to sit-down for a slap-up special. So long, sad office sandwich.