Safer City Cycling with LCC & Blaze

Last year we welcomed the wonderful Blaze to Perseverance Works. On a mission to make cycling safer in the city, Blaze designs technology that protects urban cyclists; its Laserlight combines a white light and laser image to cast a strong beam into blind spots, junctions and other situations where cyclists might go unseen.

Blaze is now organising a corporate membership for London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on behalf of Perseverance Works. LCC lobbies for better cycling conditions in London. Current campaigns include:

  • Reducing the danger to cyclists caused by HGVs and lorries
  • Better bike parking around the city
  • More space for bikes on public transport
  • Reducing theft in London

There are many benefits to an LCC membership. If you commute on two wheels, you would enjoy free liability insurance (including sportive cover), competitive prices on theft insurance and personal accident cover, and a free legal helpline.

You’ll also get money off bikes, services and accessories, and be able to take part in leisure rides throughout the year. And if you love cycling in your leisure time, there are even discounts on cycling breaks and holidays!

At the moment, it costs £49 to join LCC for the year, but the fee drops to £24.50 with the corporate membership.

If you’d like to join the PW corporate membership for LCC, please let Blaze know by adding your name to this form. If you have any questions, Rachel from Blaze is happy to help!