Volunteers needed to help kids put on a West End showcase

Eastside is running an engagement project with Disney Theatrical Group to help five London primary schools to cast, rehearse and perform a 30-minute Disney Kids Musical (a shorter version of their well-known stage shows). 


At the end of the project, the curtain will rise at the Lyceum Theatre (home of The Lion King!) for the five lucky schools, who will present their work to an audience.

But Eastside needs your help to make sure the project runs smoothly.

The show must go on!

“We are looking for volunteers to assist at this sharing, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to get people who work at PW together as a volunteer group rather than approaching our usual corporate volunteer partners,” said Eastside general manager Felix Andrew.

So if you have a volunteering policy at work, why not consider helping out within the PW community? It’s a great way to meet other members of the PW community or get to know people you may only have met at launch parties or in the courtyard.


Volunteers at Eastside’s Poetry Slam thoroughly enjoyed helping Eastside deliver another of their wonderful kids’ projects:

“I wanted to thank you for such a terrific experience earlier, every moment of which was a pleasure. The children were so touching in their enthusiasm. [This] initiative provides them with a great opportunity to showcase their creativity and camaraderie […] thank you for enabling us to be a small part of it.”

“Thank you and thanks to your team! Lots of fun and so nice to be a part of it all.”

If you need further convincing, and to see how much of a difference this project makes to the kids involved, check out this video of Disney Musicals in Schools in America.
To help out, or for more information, please contact Felix at Eastside. The opportunity closes on 2nd February.