Get your wonky fruit & veg here!

According to Friends of the Earth, we waste around 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption. If it were a country, food waste would be the third highest producer of greenhouse gases.

ODDBOX is on a mission to reduce this food waste and its negative impact on the environment. Its fruit and veg subscription box contains wonky produce that would otherwise go to waste. The business also works with local charities who fight against food poverty, donating up to 10% of their produce.

But though it it might look unusual, it tastes just the same! ODDBOX told us a little more about their quest:

“We are London’s first sustainable fruit & veg subscription box that tackles most food shop and environmental worries in one go. Underpinned by a low-waste philosophy, we work closely with farmers across the UK, rescuing surplus fruit & veg at risk from going to landfill. Reasons why rescued produce doesn’t make it to supermarket shelves vary. Strict cosmetic and quantity requirements often mean farmers find themselves with too much or ‘less perfect’ versions of a certain crop. And that’s where ODDBOX comes in, delivering delicious and colourful fruit & veg to more than 10,000 mindful homes in London.

Reduce plastic, introduce variety, eat seasonally & affordably and have your weekly shop, farm fresh, directly delivered to your door. With every medium ODDBOX we save an average of 7kg of veg from going to waste, 14kg of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of 35 miles driven in a car) and 1,722 litres of water. We work in a cycle where no food gets wasted.”

ODDBOX are offering PW tenants 50% off their first subscription box with the code PWORKS

It might not be quite the same as visiting your local greengrocer, but why not listen to this as you click through your order and you could help reduce food waste and its negative environmental impact.