A soundtrack to the moving image

The inexorable shift towards the moving image on websites or large in-store screen displays, coupled with the subsequent decline in print brochures, many photographers face new challenges when it comes to the composition and lighting skills required to make the best of the new medium.

Thankfully, DSLR moving image has gained huge acceptance with wonderful camera facilities that only a few years ago would have cost tens of thousands of pounds. The generally accepted length of a introductory video is around 90 seconds the visual equivalent of 147 characters. A sort of visual tweet.

Whilst many photographers are highly competent with all things visual, they are less literate when it comes to sound. But poorly-placed or on-camera microphones can result in a disappointing overall product, a missed opportunity and – at worst – a failed project.

Eyes and ears come in pairs, yet sound is often an afterthought or entirely overlooked. But as specialist operators for high-end advertising photography use well-known industry software for the still and moving images, a talented and versatile group of sounds engineers wield Pro Tools. These specialists are able to work either on location or in the sound studio, matching the well-shot and considered visuals with its equally professional sound.

My degree in Live and Studio Sound from Southampton Solent University included the study of acoustics, live sound, film sound including foley, atmospherics and music, location recording, and comprehensive post production with the use of dynamics and effects. I am available for moving image projects both on location and in the studio.

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