London Media announces change in direction


We’ve been in Printing House Yard for more than a decade, during which time we’ve dabbled on and off with PR.

As working journalists, comms people from many different sectors have contacted us over the years wanting our help to get their message out there.

We’ve been involved in most aspects of PR; consumer and corporate work for agencies and companies directly. We’ve also worked with big and small, helping promote and protect. It might sound conceited but the more we got involved the more we realised we’re actually rather good at PR! So the obvious next step was to set up on our own at London Media.

We’ve brought in two highly experienced PRs to bolster our team and broaden our offering, which now encompasses both traditional and social media.

PRs and hacks have worked hand in hand for years. Our perceived value being our ability to craft stories which will appeal to our former colleagues in print, broadcast and online.

But we offer much more than that – real brand journalism is not just about telling good stories, it’s about identifying and researching and developing those stories. And this is what we do best.Journalism is still at the heart of what we do – but we see ourselves nowadays more as brand journalists.

We can unearth both positive news (authentic stories that reinforce the messages a company wants to communicate about itself) and not-so-positive news (helping clients identify areas of reputation risk).

Utilizing social media is also at the heart of our proposition – whether a business is trying to raise its profile, sell its business, or simply gain a better understanding of its audience. Whether it’s the main thrust of a PR strategy or needs to be added to an existing programme, we know how to make it productive.

Most importantly we’re home grown here in PHY – which we think is a brilliant place to work… It’s vibrant, creative and all that…. and more. Plus our website design and promotional material comes courtesy of the lovely folk from Them.

Please come and say hello!

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