The journey to super fast broadband

Having launched the fibre optic campaign in 2013, many tenants at Perseverance Works and Printing House Yard now have super-fast broadband at their finger tips. But the process has not been easy. Works Post provides a round-up of the process so far, offers handy tips for future applicants and shares some stellar feedback. 

After much research and advice provided by broadband guru Mike Kiely, Perseverance Works got the fibre optic ball rolling in October 2013 when the tender document went out to industry. The document itself, available to view here, provides a template to future sites wishing to install super fast broadband for tenants’ use.

A visit to City Hall furthered the dialogue between Perseverance Works and the government, which will be further amplified on 29 January when Paul King speaks at an event hosted by the Department from Culture, Media and Sport. The panel at the New Cities conference aims to iron out any creases highlighted in the broadband connection voucher scheme process, smoothing the way for future applicants for government support.

The government is keen to unblock the barriers to super fast broadband upgrades for small- and medium-enterprises, reducing the currently prohibitive cost.  The voucher scheme gave Perseverance Works the incentive to seek innovation in the market and request fibre to the premises from BT.  We now own and maintain our own infrastructure,  so the fibres can be used to support on-site broadcasting and other applications. As a result of this ownership, tenants are free to select the services of other providers as they choose.

Good connectivity is transformative; it creates potential and releases potential.  The connection voucher scheme is a terrific opportunity to do a once-in-a-generation connectivity upgrade. And broadband installation at PW has been welcomed with open arms. “It has – no exaggeration – revolutionised our working day,” said one tenant. “And the key is that it’s affordable under the government scheme that PK has so tenaciously kept us subscribed to. It’s a tool of growth and, as such, shouldn’t just be the privilege of those that can afford it. We are very grateful to be the beneficiaries today and simply could not imagine being left without it,” he added.

Exclaimed another tenant: “I have just plugged myself into the new fibre cable. WOW! I can’t believe how fast it is. It’s incredible! This is a fantastic moment for Perseverance Works and I thank everyone who has put so much hard work into making this happen.”