Free posies in the courtyard!

Freddie’s Flowers delivers fresh flowers to your home for just £22 a bunch. The team has been popping up all over London on their flower-laden, vintage butchers bikes overflowing with flowers, and now they’d like to come and see us.


On Wednesday 19 September and Thursday 20, Freddie’s Flowers will be popping up in the PW courtyard and giving out free hand-tied posies!

We spoke to Freddie about the business:

“I’m Freddie Garland (real name!) and I totally adore flowers. They are nature’s mood enhancer. I was raised by florists (my Dad had a shop in Pimlico) so I’ve grown up surrounded by flowers. In loads of countries it’s normal to always have fresh flowers in the kitchen, not because they were a gift but because it’s just smashing having a mood-boosting blast of natural beauty in your home. So I started Freddie’s Flowers two years ago on a bit of a mission to change the way people see flowers in this country.

We’re super happy to be visiting Perseverance Works on the 19th and 20th of October with my lovely bicycle to spread the word and the love. If you sign up we might give you a free rose!”

Freddie’s will be in the courtyard from 11.30 to 5.30, so come along and find out about their fresh cut flowers.