Online Yoga Raises £2.5k for Charity

For many of us, Kate and Jamie’s online yoga classes have given us the time to breathe, stretch and release during lockdown. They’ve also been a great way to see familiar faces and meet new people, keeping our community spirit alive and kicking!

Throughout June, Kate and Jamie donated 100% of proceeds to Young People’s Action Coalition, who are running a GoFundMe to replace police in high schools and transform the education system towards racial justice, and Women for Political Change, who develop leadership in young women, trans and non-binary people and look to create alternative spaces for community education and healing.

Both organisations are based in Minneapolis and are on the list of charities recommended by Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective.

Thanks to the generosity of Atelier Ten, who have agreed to match the funds raised by Kate and Jamie, donations totaled £2,506!

Katie and Jamie wanted to thank PW yogis for joining them on the mat and helping raise funds for charities doing such important work and Atelier Ten for their generosity.

Earlier this month, they shared a list of anti-racism resources compiled by Autumn Gupta with Bryanna Wallace’s oversight for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies. This is a great place to start your journey to becoming more informed by committing just 10 minutes per day.

They gave the last word to Rachel Cargle:

 There is a crucial self care and social justice component to our collective wellness.
Meditate AND call your senator.
Go to yoga AND go vote.
Breathe deeply AND donate to causes that matter.