Broadband installation begins as gov’t revamps scheme

As installation of fibre optic broadband begins at Perseverance Works, following a long campaign to receive government funding which culminated in a visit to City Hall, the government has decided to revamp the broadband voucher scheme.

Citing poor take-up of the scheme, with just £7.5m spent of the £100m chest, the March 2015 deadline for all capital to be allocated seems an unlikely achievement. And with only 3,000 businesses taking up the vouchers, aims to help 200,000 firms boost their connectivity have been disappointed.

Consequently, a new, more user-friendly application process has been launched, alongside a clearer website. Businesses no longer need to submit an application form, opting instead for a conversation with a pre-approved supplier. Those companies seeking to use a different supplier are only required to fill out a form to gain quote approval.

For more information on the updated process, click here.