Take a Twizy for a spin

Khagen & the Twizys


Perseverance Works has always been dedicated to cultivating a forward-focused and progressive environment. In 2014 we partnered with Cyclescheme to encourage tenants to cycle to work, and further afield we recently supported Homes For Humanity to help re-build sustainable homes for earthquake victims in  Nepal.

This mindset extends to our family of business residents too. London Bridge-based e-bike seller Fully Charged is represented here, and now another of our companies is pushing for a greener, cleaner future through alternative transport.

Fearlessly Frank, the innovation consultancy based in Unit 21H, work with some of the most prominent global brands in the smartphone, automotive and utility sectors, as well as some the UK’s most promising start-ups (including Fully Charged and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee).

Now working with Renault, Fearlessly Frank have been provided with two Renault Twizys – fully-electric quadricyles that charge through an ordinary three-pin household plug.

The Twizy – which was the top-selling electric vehicle in Europe in 2012 – continues to sell well in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, but is still something of a rare spot on the streets of our fair city. This is something Fearlessly Frank intended to change – as any of you who have seen the two models whizzing silently around the neighbourhood over the last week may have gathered already.

Khagen's new ride


With a range of about fifty miles from a single charge, the Twizy is more than powerful enough to service an entire week’s commute – or, for the more ambitious, a fully-charged countryside escape. Its innovative design and size means you can park it in a standard bay sideways, or even squeeze two into a single parking space – and with no road tax or congestion charge, the Twizy is not only a space-saving proposition, but a money-saving one too.

Fearlessly Frank have two Twizy’s sitting out in Perseverance Works for the next three months – one two-seater Urban 80, which can accommodate a passenger sitting directly behind the driver like some kind of earth-bound Top Gun, and one Cargo 80, which sacrifices the passenger seat for a surprisingly generous storage space (perfect for deliveries, or hiding in).

These fantastic little feats of engineering are open for use by all PW’s business residents so, if you fancy taking one for a spin, people get in touch with Mark Pearson-Freeland at Fearlessly Frank (mf@fearlesslyfrank.com) or Khagen in the courtyard for details*.



*Drivers will first need to be put on the insurance, by providing scan/picture of drivers license, plus National Insurance number (DVLA counterpart one-time access code)

How to enjoy and make the most of the Courtyard Twizy’s

Be known

  1. Drivers MUST provide the following BEFORE taking the vehicles, to ensure they are fully insured to drive:
    1. Scan / picture of up to date, full driving licence
    2. Access code from DVLA website (https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence), to create a digital counterpart in place of paper counterpart

Be aware

  1. Insurance for drivers is provided by Renault UK, and will not impact the current insurance of the driver. It will also not add to your NCD (No Claims Discounts)

Be considerate

  1. If a driver would like to take a Twizy for a drive, they must inform Mark Pearson-Freeland at Fearlessly Frank (020 7739 4751) BEFORE taking the keys

Be safe

  1. Any accidents are the responsibility of the driver to report to the appropriate authority (should it be necessary)

Be conscious

  1. All accidents must be reported to Mark at Fearlessly Frank (020 7739 4751), with the following:
    1. Details of the accident – where, when, how
    2. Details of the parties involved – driver of Twizy, driver of other vehicle (if appropriate)
    3. Pictures of any damage caused to Twizy, or to additional party/parties
    4. Current location of the Twizy

Be frank

  1. Feedback of the drive/ride is appreciated and welcome, and will assist with Fearlessly Frank’s work with Renault. Sadly, no payment can be discussed for such feedback

Be free

  1. The Twizy’s are not there for profit, and Fearlessly Frank will not charge drivers for time. However, it would be appreciated if drivers could take others into account, and not take the vehicle for more than 48 hours

Be adventurous

  1. If you’d like to take it for a longer period, please get in touch, and we can discuss convenience

Be bold

  1. Enjoy the comments from others in the street – we’ve had a hugely positive response from all sorts of people around London and the South, and you’re sure to get some looks

Be fun

  1. If you can do it, make sure to use them as often as you like, for as long as possible (just keep an eye on the battery). Take an alternative route home, or go for a spin over the weekend. These are designed to be enjoyable little vehicles, and we want to make sure everyone gets a go. We can’t wait to hear what you guys think